Car-to-Car Collision Cover

Your dependable companion on the road.


Paramount's C2C (Car-to-Car Collision) provides protection for you and your vehicle in the event of car-to-car collision with an identified motor vehicle.


At Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation, we aim to provide you with the most convenient ways of handling your insurance needs. To make your claiming process easier and without delay, please follow our simple 3-step guide below:

Please make sure to complete the following requirements so we can process your claim immediately.

STEP 1: Present the following as proof of collision with an Identified Third Party Vehicle:

  • Your written testimony supported by a policy blotter
  • Official accident report by the attending traffic officer
  • Sworn statement of any two (2) witnesses
  • Pictures and/or Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) images taken at the time collision supported by Affidavit of Authenticity

STEP 2: Present the following requirements for accidental car-to-car collision claim:

  1. Original Copy of Police Report and/or driver's sworn affidavit
  2. Photocopy of Certificate of Registration and Official Receipt
  3. Photocopy of Driver's License and Official Receipt
  4. Photocopy of Policy and Official Receipt
  5. Pencil stencil of Motor and Serial Number
  6. Colored pictures taken by Paramount inspector of vehicle damaged portion and Plate Number

Step 3: Wait for our claims department to contact you within 7 working days upon submission of documents.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your C2C Policy comes with a CTPL rider, present the following requirements in addition to the above requirements for claims:

  1. Hospital records
  2. Original copy of medical certificate
  3. Original copy of hospital statement of accounts (billing statement)
  4. Original copy of doctor's prescription
  5. Original copy of official receipts(hospital, doctors, medicines with patient's name)
  6. Birth certificate or marriage certificate
  7. Pictures of the accident (on the spot)
  8. Affidavit of desistance or release of claim
  9. Valid ID of person authorized to sign desistance and release of claim
  10. In case of death, Death Certificate and burial records

REMINDER: You must immediately notify the police and Paramount in the event of any accident, carnapping, or other criminal act.